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My name is Innosanto Nagara, and Im the author and illustrator of two successful childrens books; is for Activist and Counting on Community. I wrote these books to fulfill my desire to have books that reflected my familys values to read to my two year old. Little did I know that they would eventually be in independent bookstores across the US and around the world.

But there has always been another thing that I have missed. You see, I grew up in Indonesia, and when my son was born, I went looking for recordings of some of the Indonesian songs that I grew up on. Unfortunately, despite finding some good individual recordings, I have not been able to find an album of the most well known Indonesian songs from our youth that is not so heavily produced that it feels better suited for a TV show than my child's bedroom.

To make a long story short, after commiserating with my brother Biko Nagara, who happens to be an awesome musician, and my friend Suzi Herawati (Ujie), who happens to be an amazing singer??”we decided to record our own. And since I'm an illustrator, why not put it all together with a book of illustrations that go with each song.

These songs will be in Indonesian, but they will be easy for anyone to listen to, and sing along with. We imagine that the most immediate interest in this CD or Book set will come from those of you with an Indonesia connection. Perhaps you are Indonesian ex pat. Perhaps you have lived in Indonesia for some period in your life. Perhaps you plan to spend some time in Indonesia and are learning the language? But even if you are not connected to Indonesia in some way, if you are interested in your children (or children you know or teach) having some exposure to the culture of the fourth largest country in the world??”the country where the current president of the United States spent some of his childhood??”then this CD or Book will be for you too.