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Plants Source

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Plants Source is a trustworthy free website dedicated to provide general information, scientific data and concise descriptions of more than 5.600 plant species with over 170.000 professional quality photographs for botanical education, research and conservation.

Plants Source is created by a group of dedicated botanists and conservationists to help botanical and conservation education coordinated by Deniek G. Sukarya, photographer, editor, writer, and publisher of 3.500 Plant Species of the Botanic Gardens of Indonesia and Panduan Praktis Mengenal Tumbuhan di Sekitar Kita (Practical Guide to Recognize Plants Around Us)

Plants Source will be the only plant data source in the web that offers a huge combination of scientific data and professional quality photographs of plants for free. Plants Source will be managed and advised by a dedicated team of highly respected botanists with proven track records.

We strongly believe that Plants Source will become a very popular website in a short period of time among students, educators and researchers from universities and research institutions in Indonesia and around the world. My commitment is that I will build Plants Source. To make this huge undertaking a reality, we need your support. Our free website Plants Source will be the most cost effective CSR activities that will be greatly appreciated for centuries to come.

Deniek G Sukarya