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Virtual BAM2021

oleh: IACC ADMIN | 1 Tahun lalu

Durasi:June-July 2021
Lokasi:Bogor Indonesia

Our city, Bogor, which is located in West Java, Indonesia will have its 539th birthday. Bogor is called by the Dutch as Buitenzorg, a city without worries; a city of peace.

We, from BAM, want to give a gift to Bogor as our place to live with a virtual exhibition of works of art, which we will then archive in the form of an e-catalog.

A simple event to also open a public conversation about a city that is starting to grow and will be predicted as a new economic center. This will certainly affect the lives of the surrounding community, whether in the form of positive and negative impacts.

Then we missed that peaceful city, as before. But the growth of cities and human civilization is a necessity, we realize that.

Next, we would like to invite all to participate in the virtual exhibition BAM2021. With a thematic approach, Buitenzorg Retrospect and / or artists from outside Bogor and / or International can imagine what a dream city is. Because each individual must have an imagination about this.

Please send to our email, your works that can represent our expectations. With the following conditions:
2.1-2 Artworks (year 2000-2021) with Jpeg file:name_title_size_media_year
3.Description of artwork

email to: bogorartmeet@gmail.com with subjek email:Virtual BAM2021

Deadline May 30,2021
We will be contact for selected artwork.

Best Regards
Virtual BAM2021
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